Final Patch Notes as of 08/08/2016

[NEW] Added Apex update content

[NEW] New Altis hill locations

[NEW] 10 minute delay between being able to buy jets

[NEW] Ability to sell your own vehicles or vehicles captured from the enemy at repair site (except jets)

[NEW] Setting to enable reward sound only for kill rewards

[NEW] Ability to kick players out of your vehicles, unless they're in cargo positions

[[NEW] Distance bonus for kills over 500 meters

[NEW] Bonus for killing players that have killed 4 players or more in a killing streak

[NEW] Damaged jets lose fuel gradually

[NEW] Unflip action to unflip stuck vehicles

[CHANGE] Huge groups will now be auto balanced

[FIX] Not all magazines were loaded into weapons when you receive your loadout

[FIX] Buying vehicles sometimes spawned it on top of other vehicles

Author: Inch
Published: August 08, 2016

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