Hello Players, we're almost ready for release. Following several "road blocks" we've finally overcome them with the Iron Front 1944 team!

Some of you might have tuned into Break71's Stream last night as we were allowing you all a "first look" at 1944 and King of the Hill. We're really pleased with how this has turned out.

Furthermore, before I get into the details. I'd like to apologise for the delays we always seem to face. I'd like to make it very clear that our development team is very passionate and critical. Sa-Matra especially is definitely a perfectionist.

To make up for things I'd like to share something with you, we'll be launching a global double XP week (King of the Hill 1944 only) hopefully starting today, specifics on this will be shared in a later blog post providing the 1944 development team do not face any further delays with pushing their current Release Candidate to the public Steam Workshop branch.

Some of you are also probably asking, "so... how many servers are going to be live?" Our plan is to launch globally this will include the following countries: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, United States (East and West Coast) and finally Australia. We'll be performing a staggered roll-out, by this I mean anyone with a server purchased through one of our official Game Service Providers will also have the opportunity to freely switch to King of the Hill 1944. However there will be a delay on this while we first switch on "official" servers. Please contact your provider to request a "mission" change, note this WILL also require the 1944 mod to be loaded onto your server. Finally, thank-you everyone for remaining patient with us through all of this and don't forget if you're not already follow us on Twitter.

Author: Inch
Published: May 29, 2016

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